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$2,750,000 Settlement Announced

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Resolved

The family of a man who died on a Fort Worth highway will receive a total of $2,750,000.

His wife, three adult children, and mother were present with me yesterday at an all-day mediation conducted just before trial.

Last February, the man was driving to work when he collided with an excavator which a highway construction company was moving across the highway. He  man slammed on his brakes but could not avoid the crash and tragically died soon after.

After extensive discovery, I proved that the driver of the excavator ingested cocaine in the days before (traces were still in his system), was not supposed to be on such a large piece of equipment, and knew what he was doing was reckless.

I also took the deposition of his foreman who was similarly unqualified and I believe grossly negligent.

I also was able to get high-ranking company safety officials to admit that the wreck was entirely the company’s fault and that it should have shut the highway down and provided better warnings to oncoming drivers.

The company argued that the man was not wearing his seat belt, he was driving too fast, was not paying attention, and did not suffer any conscious pain and suffering, among other defenses.








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