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Can You Believe These Crazy Traffic Laws?

Every one knows you aren’t supposed to speed or drive while intoxicated. But what were these lawmakers across the U.S. thinking when they passed these strange laws?

You are breaking the law if you drive your car in a city in these states in

  • Alabama – while you are blindfolded
  • Alaska — while a dog is tied to your roof
  • Arkansas – while honking your horn after 9:00 pm. if a place serves sandwiches in Little Rock
  • Colorado – in a black car on Sunday ii Denver
  • Florida – and you with an elephant or goat and do not put money into a meter
  • Idaho – if you are over 88 and are riding a motorcycle
  • Illinois – a car that doesn’t have a steering wheel
  • Kentucky – if your dog pees on another vehicle in Fort Thomas
  • Massachusetts – if a gorilla is in your back seat
  • Missouri – if you honk another person’s car horn in University City
  • Nevada – If you want to ride a camel on the road
  • Ohio – If you run out of gas in Youngstown
  • Oklahoma – while reading a comic book
  • Oregon – while driving on a sidewalk and you don’t yield to pedestrians
  • Virginia – if you are a woman unless your husband waves a red flag in front of you
  • Wisconsin – if both of your hands are off the handlebars of your bicycle

Yes, But what About Stupid Laws in Texas:

  • Texas – You must have windshield wipers to register a car, although having a windshield is optional

Where are the real traffic laws in Texas?

Texas Transportation Code Section 545 contains the statutes that a personal injury lawyer relies on to prove his case in court. Out of hundreds of restrictions, these regulations are the most commonly used in car accident cases: speeding, turning, failing to yield right of way, lookout, and now texting.

Being in a car accident is no laughing matter. Contact my office if you need legal assistance.

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