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Car Accident Myths

There are common beliefs about car accidents that are not true but are instead just myths. Our attorneys at Springer & Lyle think it is important for you to know what the myths are. Some common car accident myths include the following.

A Low Impact Car Accident is Not Serious

This kind of accident can cause serious soft tissue injuries in some cases. When the head is jerked suddenly forward and then backward, as often happens in this type of accident, a whiplash can occur which is a soft tissue injury to the neck that may cause pain, suffering and debilitation for a long time. Do not hesitate to seek appropriate medical care if you need it.

Car Insurance Will Pay for All the Damages

Often, car insurance is not enough to pay for all the property damages and costs for medical care. A severe, debilitating injury may cost thousands of dollars in excess of the policy limits of the person at fault for the accident. And, you will have to prove the other driver was at fault before that driver’s insurance will pay for the damages. If it turns out you were 51 percent at fault, under Texas law you will not collect anything for your damages from the other driver.

Insurance companies have a reputation for paying as little as possible to settle a claim for compensation. Do not assume the company will offer you a fair settlement. A personal injury attorney may be able help you if you are in this type of situation and can help you receive the reasonable compensation you deserve.

The Accident was Minor so You Can Just Drive Away

If your car seems undamaged, or only slightly scratched, you may think you do not need to have it checked out. Some damage to cars is not noticed immediately. There may be internal damage to your car that you won’t know about until you get it checked, or the parts fail when you are on the road, causing another accident. You may also discover later that you were injured.

You need to still get the driver’s license number of the other driver and all insurance information. Note the year, make, and model of the other car, and call the police if you suspect the other driver was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or otherwise appeared to have broken a law.

The personal injury attorneys at Springer & Lyle can help you obtain the reasonable compensation you are entitled for your injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other physical damage. Contact us at 940.387.0404 for a free consultation.

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