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Fort Worth Wreck Settled for $

Our car accident client was driving on Harrelson Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when an unknown driver in a large SUV crashed into him at a high rate of speed.

Our client immediately dialed 911 and reported what happened. He complained of neck and back pain and was taken to South Strand Emergency Room via EMS. A CT scan of his cervical and lumbar spine were taken and the doctors released our client after prescribing muscle relaxers. They advised him to follow up with an orthopedist if the pain continued.

Shortly after the accident, he followed up at OrthoSC due to the continued back pain he was experiencing. The doctor discussed conservative treatment options since our client had undergone back surgery before.  He referred him to lumbar traction physical therapy and prescribed medicine. Our client attended all of his physical therapy sessions but unfortunately, they gave him no relief and he began experiencing low back pain, radiculopathy, and numbness down into his toes. After discussing these symptoms with the doctor, he recommended an MRI to be taken of his lumbar spine. The MRI showed a disc bulge at L4-L5 and L5-S1 in his back. Our client received injections at L3-L5, however, the injections did not relieve his pain. Our client was then evaluated by a specialist that concluded he had a 12% impairment to his lumbar spine.

As with every personal injury client at The Derrick Law Firm, our team thoroughly evaluated our client’s medical records, bills, future treatment plans, as well as the pain and suffering he experienced before demanding the full policy limits of all the available insurance coverage. The insurance carrier argued our client’s injuries and impairment were due to the previous back surgery he had undergone but because of the detailed investigation of the case and the medical proof of reinjury, The Derrick Law Firm was able to settle this client’s case for its full value.

Myrtle Beach injury lawyer Dirk Derrick worked diligently to give our client the best outcome on this case and settled for over double the amount of the initial offer from the insurance company.

Our car accident client settled his case for $75,000 and gave The Derrick Law Firm a 5 star testimonial saying, “They took care of everything for me. I just had to show up.”
Voted Best Attorney and Best Law Firm by the readers of the Myrtle Beach Herald, The Derrick Law Firm has a reputation of outworking their competition, obtaining the full value of each case, and treating clients like family along the way.

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