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How Much Is 18-Wheeler Accident Worth?

In the middle of the most devastating viral outbreak of the last 100 years, 18-wheeler accident crashes continue without any break in Texas. They can be even more devastating due to the huge weight involved and can cause massive injuries and fatalities.

If you or someone you love has been in an 18-wheeler accident, you may be wondering how much your case is worth. Every collision is different. There is no simple formula like multiplying someone’s medical bills by three. There is not an average, maximum, or minimum settlement amount. The answer to this question depends on at least 70 variables that this article will address.

Being injured in a truck accident begins a complicated legal, medical, and financial process.

The first step the injured victim must take is to call or meet a good personal injury lawyer and give him or her more information. He can investigate the case and then estimate what he believes a jury may award you in monetary damages.

The truck accident lawyer at Berenson Injury Law has been representing injured Texans for over 40 years and knows how to help people get the compensation they deserve.

How does the 18-wheeler accident process work?

There are three components that need to be known: liability, damages, and financial resources available.

1. Liability

The first variable that needs to be decided is liability or fault. The trucking company has to pay damages if its driver or the company was liable. But often it argues that it is not at fault, or if it is, that is is only partially at fault. Some liability determinations are open and shut, e.g., if you were at a complete stop and were rear-ended. On the other hand, other collisions can be more complicated.

One of the chief roles for the personal injury lawyer is to obtain the evidence to show that the 18 wheeler accident was caused by the tractor-trailer driver for speeding, failing to maintain their lane, passing improperly, tail-gating, failing to pay proper attention to road conditions, failing to secure their load, and a number of other negligent acts.

2. Damages

In the civil justice system, the remedy given to the injured victim usually involves monetary compensation. Unless a crime was committed, say the tractor-trailer driver was driving while intoxicated, no jail term or fine can be ordered.

There are two kinds of civil damages. The first category is called economic damages and reimburses the victim for their medical bills, lost wages, vehicle damage, and other quantifiable expenses. The attorney and his or her staff will work with you to obtain proof of these bills.

The second category is for non-economic damages and includes reimbursement for pain and suffering, scarring, disability, and other issues that cannot be readily determined. As a result, these are highly variable. They are usually dependent on what medical professionals have written in their medical reports. The injury attorney will obtain these and discuss the findings with you and use them to try to obtain the highest compensation.



How a Lawyer Can Help

18-wheeler truck accident cases can be lengthy, emotional, and complicated. We understand that dealing with your settlement can feel like the last thing you want to take on. Fortunately, however, you can always hire an attorney to handle your case for you so that you can focus on recovering.

A lawyer can help you prove that you were not at fault or that you were at least less at fault than the other party. A lawyer can also help you calculate your damages so that you can begin to recover from your injuries, all while ensuring that you take the appropriate steps within the statute of limitations.

In short, an experienced truck accident attorney can fight on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve.

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