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How To Deal With Insurance Company After Your Crash

Although insurance companies are an integral part of recovering from traffic accidents, their number one priority has been, and always will be, making money; it’s understandable, as they are for-profit businesses. Although a business attempting to be profitable is not a bad thing, the shady aspect of insurance companies is that they sell themselves as if they were benefactors for those in need. To help people understand how these businesses work, we have created this short list of tips.

  1. Refuse to Give a Recorded Statement when Called

After an accident occurs, insurance companies scramble to call their customers before they can seek help. They typically say something like, “this is a routine call that we always make after an accident.” While true, it is a routine call you should decline to answer. Giving an unprepared statement about an accident rarely benefits your case. Therefore, refuse to give a statement unless you have talked to a professional personal injury attorney first.

  1. Don’t Be in a Hurry to Settle

If you are injured in a car accident caused by someone else, that person’s insurance company will want to settle the case as quickly as possible. They may throw out an enticing number (like $2,000) to have you settle the case before you even go to the doctor; however, taking the first offered settlement can put you in a bind. After an accident, an injury may take a month or two before being found; if someone already settled, he or she will have to pay for treatments out-of-pocket. Although 2,000 dollars seems like a lot, Stern Law Group has successfully obtained multi-million dollar settlements for car accident victims.

  1. Be Prepared by Taking Photos of All Accident-Related Items

If you can take pictures after an accident, you should do so. Pictures of car damage, car positioning, and any injuries you or passengers sustained, are helpful in dealing with your insurance company. These photos give proof of the accident and evidence of the injuries that occurred.

  1. Never Talk to the Other Party’s Insurance Company

Regardless of who was at fault, someone else’s insurance company will see you as a threat to their business. You should never talk to their insurance company because their goal is to stomp on your credibility.

  1. If You Are Confused, Stop What You’re Doing & Hire a Lawyer

While insurance claims should be a straightforward process, they rarely are. Unfortunately, deciding on what to do while you are confused can result in altered claim payments.

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