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IF new lawsuit filed

Texas vehicle accident lawyers at Arnold & Itkin LLP recently filed a case involving a young woman who was involved in a motor vehicle collision with a work truck owned and operated by Supreme Rental Services, LLC. As a result of the wreck, the young woman sustained injuries to her back and other parts of her body.

The case was filed in Glasscock County, Texas where the accident occurred.

At Arnold & Itkin, we look forward to helping the young woman in this case seek the justice that she deserves. We are proud to stand up for the rights of serious auto accident victims in Houston, throughout Texas, and nationwide. Over the years, we have helped countless individuals hold negligent parties responsible for the harm that they have caused and fought for the full, financial compensation that they deserved. This has resulted in our firm helping our clients recover billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.

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Arnold & Itkin LLP filed suit in Wichita County on behalf of a man seriously injured at a private airfield. He was told to work on one of the airplane hanger roofs, but wasn’t told that the roof had hidden hazards. Companies have a duty to make sure their workplaces are safe, especially when the job being asked of workers is risky and life-threatening. By failing to prepare our client for dangerous rooftop work, his employer put him at risk—risk that resulted in serious injuries.

Serious injuries have life-altering consequences—for many people, these injuries leave them with permanent disabilities that render them unable to work. Other injuries might allow them to find a job but would require them to take home a smaller paycheck. The worst injuries force families to bear the burden of around-the-clock care, which can set back even the most well-off middle-class household.

We look forward to holding the company accountable for its failure. More importantly, we look forward to helping our client get access to much-needed medical care without going into severe debt.

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