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Uber & Ride Share Car Accidents

Ride share services give North Texans access to generally safe transportation. But when accidents happen, passengers must sift through corporate procedures that are often vague and confusing to recover damages. The experience can be frustrating and result in less compensation than you are entitled to.

Berenson Injury Law has a close to 40-year history of taking on auto accident claims. We remain up-to-date on the latest insurance laws and industry trends to effectively pursue the maximum possible damages on unique claims. We have carefully followed the issues regarding Uber and Lyft liability and know what we need to do to protect your interests.

How to Recover Damages from Lyft or Uber

If you have been hit by an Uber or a Lyft driver or were a passenger in a ridesharing vehicle, you need to take additional steps to protect your rights to full recovery. Each company suggests you contact its corporate office immediately to report an accident with its ridesharing driver. We suggest you contact our auto accident law firm first.

Ridesharing companies have a team of lawyers trained to limit liability. You are at a disadvantage if you talk to the corporation without counsel to advise you. A ride sharing attorney is skilled at eliciting an admission of fault and downplaying the level of actual injuries you incurred. The attorney may also seek a waiver in return for a settlement agreement for far less damages than your claim is worth.

Our attorney strategizes a plan of action to recover the maximum possible damages from your insurance polices and the policies of the company and the driver. Protecting your rights at this crucial first stage puts you in a much stronger position.

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Texas Ridesharing Regulations

Local cities and towns have passed a number of ordinances to regulate ridesharing services within their own jurisdictions. Statewide rules governing ridesharing became effective on September 2017 and supersede local laws. Under the law, ridesharing companies must conduct background checks on the drivers, but will no longer have to perform more stringent vetting, such as fingerprinting potential drivers.

Before the law, Dallas required drivers to obtain a special city permit to pick up riders within our city limits and at our airports, but the city is no longer permitted to enforce this mandate. In a positive step, the law also enacted a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol, a stricter standard than the legal level of impairment imposed on noncommercial drivers.

Lyft Liability Policy

Lyft provides coverage from the time the driver accepts your ride request to the moment your ride has officially ended in the app. The company’s policy carries a $1 million per accident limit. However, Lyft’s policy kicks in only after the driver’s personal and commercial policies are exhausted. In other words, Lyft fights paying any compensation until you have maxed out the driver’s insurance policies. Our auto accident firm pursues both the corporation and the driver for damages and layers coverage to recover the full amount you deserve.


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Uber Liability Policy

Uber’s insurance policy is similar to Lyft’s. The corporation’s policy covers the period from ride acceptance to conclusion, and also has a $1 million per accident limit. However Uber’s policy is the primary policy over the driver’s personal insurance, although corporate policy is secondary to any commercial policy the driver might have. As with Lyft, our firm names the Uber and Uber driver in our lawsuit and recovers from all policies as necessary to win your full damages.

In cases involving both Uber and Lyft, our firm also may pursue damages in addition to the $1 million accident policy if the company was grossly negligent. For example, although the companies claim their drivers are independent contractors, they are still responsible for conducting background checks and may be liable for the criminal conduct of dangerous drivers.

Learn More About Recovering Damages After a Dallas-Fort Worth Ridesharing Crash

What should you do if you were hit by an Uber or Lyft driver or were a passenger in a rideshare vehicle involved in an accident? Protect your rights by contacting Berenson Injury Law as soon as practicable. Our Dallas-Fort Worth rideshare accident lawyer explains your rights and options at a free consultation and we handle your claim under our no-risk contingency plan.


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