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What NOT to Do After Fort Worth Accident

A Fort Worth accident can be devastating. And it can get worse if it is not handled correctly

If you have read or heard what steps you should take if you have been injured in a Fort Worth accident in a car, truck motorcycle, or as a pedestrian,, there are also things you do that will hurt your  case. This is important because one mistake can cost you a lot of money. A Fort Worth accident lawyer will find and defuse all booby-traps laid by the other driver’s insurance company. They are designed to harm your chances of getting you repaid for the damages you have lost. Here are things you should not do.


  1. Leave without calling the police



  1.  Apologize 

When you apologize or say you are sorry at the accident scene or at any time after the crash, your statements can be construed as admitting fault for the crash. Admitting fault can hurt your chance of recovering full compensation for your claim. If you are at-fault for the crash, your claim may be denied, or your compensation may be reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to you for the crash. Do not say something that will only be used against you.

  1.  Don’t Use Social Media or Post Information Online

Defense attorneys and insurance companies have become very skilled at uncovering information posted online by accident victims. An innocent statement or photograph on your Facebook or Instagram account could severely hurt your case. Even though you may believe your security settings protect the information you post online, information posted on the internet is never completely private. In some cases, defense attorneys have won arguments in court that allow them to access the information an accident victim posted online after a car accident. Do not post things about the collision online.

  1.  Don’t Agree to a Recorded or Written Statement

Insurance adjusters are highly skilled and trained to obtain information the insurance company can use to deny claims. If an adjuster tells you that you must provide a written or recorded statement before you can file an accident claim, we suggest you contact our office immediately. Anything you say in your statement could be used in court. Something as simple as telling the adjuster you overslept could be used to claim you were running late and were not paying attention to the traffic lights. Get an attorney to help you. Even small mistakes will be held against you by the other side.

  1.  Don’t Accept a Settlement Without Completing Medical Treatment

An insurance adjuster may offer you a quick settlement to resolve your insurance claim. In many cases, the adjuster knows your claim is potentially worth much more than he is offering to settle the claim.  By quickly paying your claim, the company can avoid a much larger payment later. It is never wise to settle your claim until after your doctor releases you. It is impossible to know the full extent of your injuries until your doctor provides an impairment rating. If you settle your claim now, you cannot recover additional compensation in the future, even if you realize you need additional surgery or treatment for your injuries. Have an attorney help you with even an early settlement.

Contact a Fort Worth accident lawyer if you need help

It is difficult to know what to do when you have been injured in a car accident. Do you talk to the insurance adjuster and when should you hire an attorneyA Tennessee car accident attorney can explain your legal rights and your options for recovering compensation for your injuries.  Contact the personal injury attorneys at Cummings Law today. You will be glad you did. Meeting with an attorney before you proceed with a claim can help you avoid missteps and give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are making the best decision for you and your family. Injured persons receive up to three times more via settlements when they are represented by an attorney.

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