$1.5 Million Recovered in August

Another great month for Berenson Injury Law

We have been fighting harder than ever during the pandemic to get our clients the money they deserve.

We achieved many excellent results last month that we wanted to share since we are told by car or truck accident victims that they chose us after comparing our results and hundreds of five-star reviews.

16 successful outcomes in August

$950,000 – the maximum remaining on a business’s insurance policy – recovered for a retired couple whose truck was crashed into in Denton by a business’s SUV. The woman had to have major cervical surgery and the man broke his leg. We filed a lawsuit and prepared for trial. Their medical bills were only $52,000 (the totals were greatly reduced by their Medicare plans) and legal fees and expenses were $376,000, resulting in a net recovery to our clients of $523,000.

$130,000 – for the family of a man who tragically lost his life when his truck was hit by a drunk driver in Fort Worth. We filed suit and forced the driver’s company to pay the maximum amount of $30,000 even though the drunk had been excluded from the insurance policy by his wife. Then we fought the couple’s insurance company. We also worked closely with the family’s probate lawyer and another attorney involved in the case. There were no medical bills. After legal fees and expenses to the three law firms, the estate recovered $88,015.

$107,500 – for a woman whose truck was crashed into by a drunk driver in Houston. Medical bills were about $8,000. She netted the sum of $67,015.

$60,500 – for a woman whose car was hit in an intersection in Fort Worth who received $17,289 after medical bills of $24,000, fees and expenses.

$50,000 – for a woman hit by a truck owned by a hospital in Fort Worth who netted the sum of $30,317.

$40,000 – for a teenager who was hit by a drunk driver northwest of Fort Worth. Her medical bills were approximately $5,000. She netted the sum of $24,020 after she just turned 18.

$39,000 – for a mother and her adult son crashed into in Fort Worth who received $16,555 after their medical bills of $15,800, legal fees and expenses were paid; and

$32,000 – for a woman in a collision in Fort Worth and $1,500 each for her two children, with medical bills for herself only of approximately $7,000, for a total net recovery of $18,820.

In addition we fought for eight other individuals or families who fortunately only had minor injuries and successfully resolved their cases for lesser amounts.

How the payment of medical bills reduces the size of verdicts or settlements

Note that unless the at-fault vehicle is owned by a business with a substantial amount of liability insurance, say an 18-wheeler, almost ever individual driver in Texas only has the total of $30,000 available. This must pay for the medical bills, lost wages, and damages of another person.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to force an individual to pay for damages out of his or her own pockets so the size of their insurance policy almost always dictates the size of the settlement or verdict recovery in Texas. If there are two or more injured people, there is usually only a total of $60,000 available.

And making a tight-fisted insurance company or an unsympathetic jury pay a total of $30,000 or $60,000 is often difficult, especially without an aggressive injury lawyer fighting for you.

Further, if the injured person has health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid which has paid down their medical bills or some/all have been written off, the jury or insurance company only has to pay them this lower amount.

When you hear about huge settlements, they are always the result of a large business whose big truck or vehicle has seriously injured and possibly taken the life of someone, and often under grossly negligent or criminal circumstances, which is rare.

Why thousands of people have hired Berenson Injury Law

Mr. Berenson has been fighting to help the victims of car, truck, and 18-wheeler crashes for over 40 years. 

He fights to get as much money from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. He then goes after his client’s insurance company and any other sources of recovery. He also works hard to reduce his client’s medical bills and expenses so he can put more money in their pockets.

For more settlement information about how he fights for our clients, please visit these pages:

We at Berenson Injury Law are very proud of our excellent track record over the past 40 years. We were not just started recently or are a branch office of a mass advertising Dallas or Houston based law firm. Our clients know that they can trust us to get them the compensation they are entitled to.

Mr. Berenson is a former Sunday School teacher and Eagle Scout who practices law guided by these values. And at the age of 65, he still runs, cycles, and lifts weights so he will be in top “fighting shape” for trials, depositions, or daily life. He ran the Cowtown Marathon in March (and qualified for the Boston Marathon for the 44th time) before the pandemic cancelled several others he had planned to run.

If you have been injured in a car, truck or 18-wheeler crash, Berenson Injury Law wants to be your Fort Worth car personal injury law firm. If you have questions, contact us. We will spend as much time as you need answering all of your questions and walking you through what is often a complicated and frustrating process. And if we don’t think you need an attorney, or if you can handle the case yourself, possibly in Small Claims Court, and save the cost of hiring a personal injury lawyer, we will tell you.

If you want to find out how Berenson Injury Law can help you, please call us at 1-888-801-8585 or fill out this short form. We can go the distance or land that knock-out punch for you.

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