10 Ways To Cut Your Auto Insurance Bill

Here are some ways to save money on your car and truck insurance:

1. Drive safely — a good driving record reduces your premiums;

2. Grow older and get married (one good reason to do both);

3. Drive in smaller cities or out in the country;

4. Drive a mid size, standard car;

5. Drive as much as you can for personal reasons (not business);

6. Keep your credit score as high as possible;

7. Maintain your insurance, since you will be charged more if you let coverage lapse;

8. Take advantage of all available discounts, including defensive driving courses, driver education classes for young drivers and those with good grades, and multi-policy discounts (cover your cars and house with the same company);

9. Shop around for a cheaper policy. Useful rate information can be found here:


10. If you are still paying too much, call your insurance agent or company, complain about the high cost of your coverage, and say you have to change carriers. I recently did that with Liberty Mutual and it agreed to reduce my payment by about 40%.

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