$1,230,000.00 Recovered In Two Weeks

I am delighted to announce my latest substantial recovery, this time on behalf of Mr. D___, a hard working Fort Worth resident.

And it’s been a busy month, with $1,230,000.00 in recoveries in the first two weeks!

Mr. D___’s truck was side swiped by a Ford delivery van on the south side of town two years ago. He was taken to the ER, but the initial tests were negative. Unfortunately, my client had to undergo a cervical fusion six months later. He lost his truck driving job, but was already 65 years old at the time.

The defendant’s insurance company and its attorneys had many defenses, some of which were valid. They argued that Mr. D___ was not seriously injured, he suffered from arthritis, he didn’t even need the surgery, and if he did, their driver did not cause it, his medical bills were excessive, he had fully recovered from his injuries, he was going to retire at the age of 65, the visible damage to both vehicles was relatively minor due to the side swipe, the verdict potential was severely limited under the draconian “paid vs. incurred” statute enacted by the Texas Legislature in 2003, etc.

I fought hard and am proud that I forced the insurance company to pay this outstanding settlement. Then, to increase my client’s recovery of money, I greatly reduced the subrogation liens held by his health insurance carrier and various medical providers. Now I am in the process of slashing his Medicare lien so that he will get even more money.

My client was ecstatic with the outcome, as you can see in this photograph. It was my honor to represent this wonderful couple (I also obtained a good settlement for his wife when she was hit in front of a school last year by a FWISD bus) and wish them the best of luck in the future.

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