$132,500 Won For Disabled Vet

Berenson Injury Law has successfully obtained all available insurance proceeds for our client who sustained a serious injury in this car accident in Fort Worth last year.

Mike had served our country honorably and had returned to the workforce. He was driving home from his job when a woman cut him off at an intersection.

He was rushed to the hospital and later had to have several surgeries performed on his arm.

But the woman’s insurance company would not treat him fairly, so he hired our car accident law firm to help him out.

We immediately went to work. We investigated the case and obtained all crash and medical evidence we needed to win his case in court.

After negotiating with two insurance companies, we were able to obtain the other driver’s entire liability policy. We then went after his underinsured motorist policy and his personal injury protection benefits. We then slashed his medical bills that he had to repay to make him a lot more money.

There are two ways to get more money after someone is in a car crash: get more money from the other driver’s insurance policy (or his company, it they were driving a commercial vehicle) and reduce the bills that have to be paid back from those funds. We are good at both of these important jobs.

Our client netted $81,770 after payment of medical and legal expenses, which we reduced. That was close to two-thirds of the total, which is an excellent result.

Mike was extremely happy with his recovery. Here are his and hundreds of other 5-star reviews if you have unfortunately been injured in a Fort Worth car wreck and are researching the best injury lawyer.

Mike, since it’s Memorial Day on Monday, we wanted to thank you for your service to our country. We wish you the best.

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We can help you

For over 40 years, Berenson Injury Law has helped thousands of North Texans like Mike. We specialize in car, truck, and 18-wheeler crashes.

We have two goals in every case: (1) get our client as much money as possible as fast as possible and (2) treat him or her the way we would like to be treated. I guess you could say that we try to go for the gold and live by the Golden Rule.

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