Fort Worth 18 Wheeler Crash Kills Driver

A commercial truck driver, Kenneth Hutchinson, 46, from Granbury was killed early today when the 18 wheeler he was driving overturned in the 10000 block of Old Granbury Road near Benbrook Lake in south Fort Worth.

This tragedy was avoidable. You have to wonder how a one vehicle truck accident out on a lightly traveled road could happen — and be glad that the truck driver did not hit you or other vehicles on the road. I’m guessing that, considering the time of night, the driver was driving while intoxicated. He may have been speeding and/or texting. To help curtail tractor trailer collisions, last week the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published new regulations that will improve the system of determining if a violation of a federal safety regulation caused a collision. The FMCSA’s program called Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Category (BASICs) will award points against truck drivers and trucking companies that break safety guidelines. Each company’s safety rating will be affected. Attorneys use these safety violations and ratings to build their liability cases in court.

I have handled 18 wheeler cases successfully for many years I just settled an 18 wheeler case last week for a substantial sum of money after I proved that the truck had not been properly maintained.

Please contact me if you have unfortunately been injured by a tractor trailer and need legal help. I will fight to get you the money you deserve.


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