18-Wheeler runs over man in Fort Worth

An 18-wheeler driver is in jail for running over a Fort Worth wrecker employee.

The truck was towed from a Valero station after being left there unattended. When the driver went to the ABC Wrecker lot to reclaim his truck Wednesday morning truck he was told that fees had to be calculated and paperwork completed.

“He was told to wait, to sit and wait until that was completed, however he disappeared and they looked outside in the storage lot and observed him jump into the 18-wheeler and backing out,”

Two lot employees chased the fleeing truck on foot. “The truck obviously clipped one of the employees, causing him to fall and ran over his legs,” a police spokesman said.

A police officer was able to catch up with the fleeing big rig. The officer, initiated a traffic stop and was able to get him pulled over on the side of the freeway, and the driver of the 18-wheeler was taken into custody.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident of violent behavior by an 18-wheeler driver. It seems like spending that much time driving just makes some truck drivers forget basic safety and decency.

I represented a man who was hit by an rock truck where the defendant attempted to flee the scene after the collision. A witness caught up with the truck and forced him to stop. The truck driver then assaulted the witness trying to intimidate him into leaving. Fortunately, he didn’t leave, and the police were called to the scene.

I took a deposition of the witness that not only confirmed that the defendant was at fault, but also scared the defense because of the description of the assault. Days before the case was set for trial, the case settled for $750,000.00.

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