18-Wheeler Crash Survivor Has A Promising Road Ahead

On June 11, 2002 10-year-old Aaron Joubert and his family were involved in a terrible 18-wheeler crash on Interstate 20 near Mesquite. The family was coming home from a reunion when their car struck a parked 18-wheeler on the side of the highway. Aaron Joubert and his father were the only survivors. Arron’s mother and his five siblings were tragically killed in the accident. Aaron lost 90 percent of his liver as a result of the wreck and defied all the odds when he was able to survive. Now, almost eight years after the accident, Aaron is getting ready to graduate High School. It is great to see a young man, who has dealt with such hardship, overcome adversity and excel in life.

Although the 18-wheeler in Aaron’s case was legally stopped on the highway, there are many accidents caused by negligent truck drivers who have illegally parked on the side of the road. In 2005 I was able to get a $2,225,000.00 settlement for the Jordan family when their father tragically crashed into a garbage truck that had run out of gas on I-30. The garbage truck was negligently parked on the highway and I was able to obtain a large settlement to help compensate the Jordan family for their great loss.

Truck accidents happen all to often. If you have been injured in a truck accident, call me and we can discuss your legal options. I have 30 years of experience dealing with truck accidents and will help you get all the money you deserve.

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