Dallas 18 Wheeler Flips Over Tollway Median

Wednesday morning, a small Nissan side-swiped an 18-wheeler, causing the big rig to hit the median and flip over into the oncoming lanes. The wreck happened on the Dallas Tollway near Beltline Road in Addison. There was six cars inolved and after watching the video, it’s amazing that no one was seriously injured.

The driver of the small Nissan tried to switch lanes and caused a huge wreck that stopped traffic for hours. Side-swipe cases happen all to often on busy highways. Drivers are impatient, distracted on their cell phones, and are just sometimes lousy drivers and end up causing huge wrecks like this.

I’m currently representing a client who was sideswiped by an 18-wheeler. The driver of the tractor trailer dropped his drink on the floor, reached down to pick it up and took his eyes off of the road. When he finally looked up, his 18 wheeler had moved to the right lane and crashed in the side of my client’s vehicle. To make matters worse the 18-wheeler driver sped off after the wreck! My client was seriously injured. I have filed suit to get my client compensated for the damages she and her family have suffered as a result of the collision.

Insurance carriers often refuse to pay for the majority of the damages victims suffer in car wrecks. Please call a> and I can help you rrecover for all all the damages you’ve suffered.

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