2020: One Massive Crash After the Next

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Berenson Injury Law’s year in review

This photo from a lawsuit we are working on aptly depicts 2020. Between the coronavirus, economic hardships, political turmoil, street protests, and environmental disasters, by the end of the year we all felt battered and bruised. The year seemed like a never-ending series of horrific high-speed pileups caused by extremely drunk guys in enormous trucks.

And to make matters worse for thousands of people, car and truck wrecks continued unabated in North Texas. When the quarantine forced many people to stay home, there should have been fewer collisions. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. And ironically, with roads being less crowded, some idiotic drivers chose to go even faster and cause ever more injuries and fatalities.

In mid-March, our staff immediately switched to working remotely. Because of these setbacks, we worked harder than ever. Our claims manager, who has been doing a fantastic job here for 13 years, had already been working virtually for many of them and is an IT guru. So we never missed a day in the transition. Mr. Berenson came to the office every day and was one of the only people in his building. When we met clients, we all wore masks and distanced.

We were well aware that 2020 was the worst year to be in a vehicle crash because

  • Injured victims were quarantined, lost jobs or hours, and hurt not just physically but financially;
  • Hospitals and doctors were closed or overwhelmed by the virus; if someone could be seen there, they feared getting Covid-19;
  • Schools were closed and many children were home, so injured people could not leave for medical treatment;
  • Courts closed in March and jury trials have still not resumed; and
  • Insurance companies were slower and harder to work with than ever.

We knew that the need for high quality, fast, and caring legal services was greater than ever before.

Fighting for our clients

We achieved many positive results including

  • resolving a lawsuit for $950,000 against an out-of-state company whose employee crashed into the truck driven by an elderly man and his wife; they netted $523,000 after legal fees, expenses, and medical bills of $52,000 after their balances were reduced by Medicare;
  • settling a lawsuit for a confidential sum against a world-wide delivery company whose 18-wheeler crashed into a man and woman;
  • resolving a lawsuit for a total $130,000 for the widow of a man who tragically lost his life when his truck was hit by a drunk driver in Fort Worth. We made the drunk’s liability company pay the maximum amount of $30,000 even though he was excluded from the policy, then obtained the total available of $100,000 from the couple’s insurance company, with the widow recovering $88,000;
  • settling a claim against a tractor-trailer company for $178,000, with two women and their daughters receiving $120,000;
  • resolving the claims of a woman crashed into by an intoxicated driver in Houston for the maximum of $100,000; she netted $62,500;
  • settling the case of a man walking along Interstate 20 at night for the maximum of $100,000 (the final amount has not been resolved due to a Medicaid lien);
  • suing a major bus company after settling a claim for the maximum $100,000 available on behalf of a man who lost part of his arm in a bus/truck collision (that truck is pictured above), with our client netting $65,200 to date;
  • suing an extremely intoxicated business executive who seriously injured our client and took the life of another man; and
  • resolving three tragic wrongful death cases, two involving young people, in the past three months.

We are in the process of filing two new lawsuits against 18-wheeler companies, one against the tractor-trailer company and driver in this interstate crash that caused our client to be seriously injured.

Supporting our community

Mr. Berenson believes that few things are as important as being engaged in the community, and even more so during these difficult times. He donated to, sponsored events, and/or served on the boards of directors of some of his favorite causes including these non-profit organizations:

  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD),
  • Tarrant County Food Bank,
  • Fort Worth Independent School District,
  • Cowtown Marathon,
  • Meals on Wheels,
  • Humane Society of North Texas, and
  • Texas Trial Lawyers Association








Teaching the public and advocating for safer roads

Berenson Injury Law published numerous informative articles about the latest laws, cases, and events that affect collision cases. We were honored when the State Bar of Texas chose multiple posts for its weekly Top Ten list. Here are some of the most popular ones from 2020:

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Commercial truck collisions:

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Our client reviews

Last, but by no means least, we were gratified that all of our clients were very happy with our legal services.

We were proud to receive 88 5-star reviews just on Google last year. Here are the latest five:

★★★★★   “Mr. Berenson and his team is very professional and supportive. They worked so efficiently even during the Covid and got my settlement with car insurance company within one month after I contacted them.”


★★★★★  “Mr Berenson and his team has been awesome… Covid 19 did not slow them down, they did everything possible to get the best settlement as possible. They treated me as a friend and made the journey so easy.”


★★★★★   “From start to finish this has been one of the best experiences I have had with any company… Bill has gone above and beyond for me and fought hard to get more than I could have imagined! Overall great friendly and professional staff that will get the job done!”


★★★★★  “This Law group was by far the best I’ve seen… I felt that they were diligent and did a very good job!!”


★★★★★   “From the very first first day, Mr Berenson and team mates were quite supportive. Kept me updated every tiny details of the case . Always treated like a friend taking care of a friend… Mr Berenson helped me financially. It was beyond expectation that he helped me twice with a loan without interest… I would like to thank all team mates and Mr Berenson from my heart. I would recommend every one to contact Berenson Injury law firm at the time of need . They are the best and you all will get quite amicable behavior personally and professionally.”


Thank you to our wonderful clients for allowing us the honor and privilege of representing you.

Our goal is to provide the best service and most compassionate attention to each client.

Our hope for 2021

As Mr. Berenson begins his 41st year advocating for his clients and the driving public, he wants to try to make it a better world. He just had his first grandson several weeks ago and loves this photo. His client had been hit by a tractor-trailer and had come in just before the pandemic began to get his settlement check with his cute little boy.

Mr. Berenson hopes and prays that the vaccines take hold as soon as possible and that they help restore normalcy and decency to Fort Worth, the United States, and the world.

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