$250,000 Recovered For Drunk Driving Victim

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“Joe” was driving home from work last July when an SUV rear-ended his pickup truck at a high rate of speed. That driver was intoxicated. Joe was taken to a hospital, x-rayed, and diagnosed with a strain/sprain. Joe was angry and wanted to explore his legal options. He hired us and we went to work.

We learned that the driver’s blood alcohol content was shockingly high .28%. That is three and one-half times the legal limit for driving while intoxicated.

Joe’s left shoulder had been causing him a lot of pain. But he had no health insurance or way to pay for a doctor. Joe’s problem was a common one for people who have been in a car accident. Many people don’t have health insurance or if they do, their plan refuses to pay their bills by claiming that:

  • the health insurance plan is secondary to the at-fault driver’s liability insurance company or other entity,
  • the ambulance, hospital, or doctor was out of network, the service was not necessary, or it was too expensive, or
  • vehicle crashes are somehow exempt from reimbursement.

Need help paying your medical bills?

Hiring an aggressive attorney who is ready to make health insurance companies pay and hospitals and doctors reduce your bills is imperative.

We arranged for Joe to be evaluated by a top orthopedic surgeon we work with. After a corticosteroid injection and physical therapy did not resolve his pain, a Magnetic Resonance Image showed that he had torn a tendon in his shoulder. Joe had to undergo arthroscopic surgery.

We filed a lawsuit, developed the case, and made the drunk driver’s insurance company pay $250,000. Joe received $96,363 after his reduced medical bills, legal fees of $96,289 and litigation expenses of $3,713.

The criminal charges against the drunk driver are pending for felony manslaughter — a pedestrian hit in the crash tragically passed away — and assault with a deadly weapon.

Bill Berenson goes after drunk drivers

Bill has recovered substantial amounts from drunk drivers for over 41 years. He has seen the death and destruction that these often high-speed crashes cause.

Bill wants to help spread the word about the dangers of driving while intoxicated.  He has been a supporter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving for years and is proud to again sponsor the Walk Like MADD in Fort Worth and Dallas next month.

We can help you

Joe’s case is a good example of why you are smart to consult with a good personal injury lawyer if you have been involved in a car or truck wreck. Without an attorney, the insurance company would have tried to ruin his case and talk Joe into taking a very small settlement. Don’t fall for these insurance company tricks

There is no charge for the first consultation and there is never a fee unless we win your case. If we don’t – and that rarely happens – you will not owe us one penny.

Berenson Injury Law has successfully represented car and truck collision victims in North Texas for over four decades. These are the only cases we handle. Bill represented a catastrophically injured young man in the horrifying “Affluenza Teen” case and many other people hurt in vehicle crashes.

We strive to obtain the top results for our clients. Here are more client success stories.

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