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$375,000 Recovered For Client in Truck Crash

Alfredo’s story

Berenson Injury Law has successfully resolved a case for an 18-wheeler driver who was side-swiped by another tractor-trailer driver. This happened three years ago in Fort Worth early on Halloween morning.

The vehicles bumped where the lanes slowed and merged on Interstate 35 just north of downtown in the construction area (back then). Alfredo’s cab and trailer (which are pictured in the distance) and the other driver’s big rig (in the foreground) showed minor physical damage.

But Alfredo felt some back stiffness and pain and was taken to a hospital. He was diagnosed with a strain/sprain of his neck and back, which usually happens after a truck or car wreck.

He was jerked around by the other driver’s insurance company, which is also typical unless someone has hired a good personal injury lawyer. The adjuster said that he could not possibly have been injured sitting up so high in such a huge vehicle in such a low-speed, minor impact. Further, she learned that he had a prior injury to his back that she argued was the real cause of his injury and  refused to offer him any money.

Alfredo wisely contacted our office and we went to work on this difficult case.

How we won

We investigated the scene and got the photographs and evidence we needed to prove liability. At the same time, we arranged the medical treatment Alfredo needed. Unfortunately, chiropractic treatments, physical therapy, and medications didn’t resolve his pain. Epidural steroid injections didn’t work either.

We filed a lawsuit. And we had Alfredo examined by a neurosurgeon who ordered a magnetic resonance image and then a myelogram and a computed tomography. They showed that our client had herniated a disc. We guaranteed payment for this medical treatment since our client did not have health insurance. The doctor told Alfredo that surgery was necessary which was performed.

We had already filed our client’s Personal Injury Protection and given him all of the money (no attorney’s fee was charged). We also loaned him more funds without charging any interest since he was not able to work.

We were finally able to convince the other driver’s insurance company and its attorneys  to pay a large sum of money. Then we made his insurance company pay more money from his underinsured motorists benefits, which again was not an easy task. His company argued that he had already been well compensated from the at-fault driver’s company and that no further proceeds would be paid. We threatened to sue them for insurance bad faith and they relented.

The total we collected was $375,000.00. We then slashed Alfredo’s medical bills and reduced his legal fee to save him almost $100,000.00. As a result, he received $188,000.00, which was an excellent outcome. Often in cases like these, with large medical and legal fees, a person receives little money after a crash.

Our client’s review

Alfredo was thrilled with our work. He very nicely wrote this five-star review:

“I would highly recommend Mr. Berenson to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and unique needs at the forefront. Should the situation arise, I would not hesitate to seek representation from Mr. Berenson and his staff again.  Mr. Berenson helped me settle my case making me a lot more money than expected, and for that my family and I are very grateful.”

Thank you Alfredo!

We can help you

We work hard for every client, from families with wrongful death cases to those with smaller injuries. We believe that this case is an example of the work that we do.

We are proud to have received hundreds of other reviews like this one.

That is because we are blessed to have several thousand clients over the past 40 years. Here are some posts about their cases and the money we obtained for them. (And we don’t have a marketing department or stop to report our victories or there would be many more.)

Bill Berenson is one of the top personal injury lawyers in Fort Worth. This is his 40th year practicing law, with 38 of them in the WestBend Tower near I-30 and University Drive. He is also an Eagle Scout and former Sunday School teacher.

Mr Berenson specializes in car and truck wrecks, not in medical malpractice, dangerous drugs, premises liability, or other personal injury cases. There are so many bad drivers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that we don’t have time to handle other types of claims!

Please contact our office if you have unfortunately been involved in a truck or car crash. We will fight to get you the compensation that you deserve.

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