7 Ways To Pick Top Car Accident Attorney in Fort Worth

***** Mr. Berenson is Awesome!! He has helped me and my father, and my father wife with our car accident. I was in a car wreck 2/18 a few days later I was going to therapy working on getting my broken finger back to working. lol His wonder staff always kept me updated on my case! They are wonderful. Mr. Berenson is the funniest man alive once you meet him! And believe me, when he says he going to do something he gets it done. I recommend any one that gets into a car accident your best bet is to choose Bill Berenson!


2. Experience. You should hire an attorney who has been practicing law for as many years as possible. After all, there is no extra fee for someone who has represented thousands of injured people just like you for decades. Bill Berenson has been practicing injury law for almost 40 years here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

3. Specialization. He or she must be Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law. Again, these attorneys do not charge any more than non-board certified lawyers. Bill Berenson has been board certified in PI law since 1994. Only about 2% of Texas attorneys are board certified in this field.

4. Credentials. You want your attorney to know the insurance representatives and lawyers, judges, and others involved with your case and who is highly respected by his peers. Web sites will list his awards, ratings from other attorneys, and leadership positions in legal organizations.

5. Communication. The #1 complaint about lawyers is that you can never speak to them. You have to know what is going on with your claim or lawsuit. Our law firm prides itself on its client communications.

6. Passion. Hire an attorney who is going to fight for you diligently. You are hiring an advocate, not just a paper-pusher. Again, the best way to know this is by reading his reviews. Were past clients happy with his work and results?

7. Finances. Prosecuting a personal injury lawsuit can be an expensive undertaking, especially if a lawsuit is filed. Make sure that the attorney you hire will not be deterred by the cost of filing the case, hiring experts, and taking depositions.

Schedule a telephone or, better yet, a personal meeting with the attorney, not a legal assistant. Have a list of questions by your side and make sure they are all answered to your satisfaction.

Also ask your family and friends for recommendations, but carefully vet those names. Just because your Aunt Susan hired/heard someone else hired Lawyer X doesn’t mean he or she was a good choice.

Why do you need the best lawyer to represent you?

Even a routine two car crash can involve complicated insurance, medical, legal, and financial issues. The lawyer must explain how your rights are affected under the various laws that apply and guide you through an often difficult process. He must know what your case is worth and how to get you that money. This is especially true if the case has to go to court because the other driver’s insurance company refuses to pay you what your case is worth, or your lawyer advises you that this is your best option in the first place.

How do you pay for an attorney?

The first meeting (or telephone call, if you are not able to come to his office) is free, so there is nothing you can lose by meeting or speaking to him.

If you hire him, he is paid a percentage of one-third of the total recovery (not counting your vehicle damage and other benefits) if your case can be successfully settled without going into court, and forty percent if it does. That obviously gives him an incentive to make you more money.

But the other driver’s insurance company generally builds in legal fees into the settlement offer since a favorable verdict from the jury is not a risk it wants to take. This amount your attorney can secure is far more than you will be able to get if you try to negotiate on your own.

Also find out what the lawyer estimates any costs to be. Expenses for Federal Express deliveries, certified mailing, travel, and photocopies can add up. Our law firm has never charged for those expenses or for any interest for emergency loans requested by our clients which can save them hundreds of dollars.

We can help you

If you follow these steps, you will be able to get through a difficult time of your life as smoothly as possible. Hire an experienced car accident lawyer who will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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