$950,000 Recovered For Elderly North Texas Couple

Maximum Denton County settlement obtained

Our clients were driving their SUV on Interstate 35 in Denton County in December of 2017 when traffic came to an unexpected stop. They were rear-ended by a young man driving a company van.

The wife was rushed to a hospital complaining of pain in her head and neck. CT scans showed that she had fractured her C2 disc. Several months later, she had to have her neck fused. Her husband hurt his back.

The company and its insurance carrier denied that its driver was negligent due to the sudden stop in traffic and refused to pay the couple.

They hired us and we immediately went to work. We obtained all critical investigation, researched all issues, and filed a lawsuit in Dallas. We have handled many commercial vehicles and neck and back injury cases over the past 40 years and knew where to get the best results.

The driver had listed his address in Dallas County on his driver’s license. We defeated the company’s attempt to move the case from Dallas County to Denton County, even though the couple and driver lived in Denton County and the crash happened there. This was a key victory as Dallas County courts have rendered higher verdicts than surrounding suburban counties.

The company’s attorney argued that the couple would have already outlived their life expectancies by the time of trial. He also argued they had preexisting arthritis and other medical problems. She had just suffered a stroke.

Preexisting injury can hurt car accident cases unless you do these things

Our clients were in their early 80s and Medicare had paid most of their medical bills. The insurance company’s lawyer argued that as a result, only $54,000 (the amount actually paid) would be allowed as their economic damages at trial and the expected jury verdict would be low. He did not want to pay much for their pain and suffering and other damages.

We set the case for trial (although jury trials have been postponed indefinitely) and prepared for trial. The company’s attorney hired a medical expert who wrote a report that minimized their injuries and medical bills.

We fought to make the company pay the maximum amount available of $950,000.00. After the reduced attorney fee of $365,000 and expenses of $11,000, they received $523,000 – well over half of the total amount, an excellent result.

A confidentiality agreement prevents us from disclosing any other information. That is not a photograph of our clients.

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