Fort Worth’s Trucks Will Have Cameras Installed To Reduce Wrecks

Fort Worth Water Department vehicles will have cameras installed inside that may help its drivers have fewer collisions. Other departments may follow if the program is a success.

According to a report by a local news source, a grant will pay to install monitors inside of 63 cars, SUVs, and dump trucks.

There will be two cameras in each vehicle, one focused on the road ahead of the vehicle and another focused on the driver of the vehicle. The idea is to increase driver accountability. The cameras will always run but will only record 12-second intervals when a triggering event occurs. One triggering event is a quick deceleration, so if a truck is in an accident, the camera will record the 12 seconds before and after the accident.

A city spokesperson commented that “It’s a good thing for Fort Worth because it provides safer driving habits by city employees. And it provides safer roadways for our citizens … It gets folks to make sure they’re wearing their seat belts, to make sure they’re not looking at the hamburger they’re eating or the cell phone they’re holding instead of the road.”

If the new pilot program is a success, there is a chance that all government vehicles in Fort Worth will have cameras mounted on them.

Increasing Government Employee Responsibility in Fort Worth Truck Accidents
Although the percentage of truck accidents caused by government vehicles is low, they do still cause serious accidents each year in Fort Worth. This new program will go a long way to helping the innocent victims of the accident recover, provided that the video footage will be admissible in court. In six cases involving Water Department vehicles this year, three were caused totally or partially by the city’s driver.

While no plaintiff has attempted to introduce the exact type of video described here into court to prove civil liability, it is very possible that such evidence will be admissible. If so, it would likely be a great service to Texas accident victims to have footage of the accident to show the jury. I have used raw footage from inside tractor-trailers and buses in the past and welcome this new addition.

Regardless of whether the videos will be admissible, the support this new pilot program is getting is a good sign that lawmakers take the safety of their citizens seriously.

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