Dallas Family’s Road Trip Leaves Two Killed and 10 Injured

Two members of a Dallas family were killed, and 10 other people injured, as a result of a recent rollover accident on Highway 130 South between Austin and San Antonio. The family had been on its way to visit an aunt in San Antonio when the accident occurred.

The family had departed in two vehicles, but vehicle broke down and the family decided to combine all 12 people into a GMC Yukon SUV. Unfortunately, when the family got to Lockhart, the SUV suffered a blowout. The driver then panicked and lost control of the SUV, which then rolled over multiple times.

Compounding the problem was the fact that the SUV was traveling on the part of Highway 130 where the speed limit is 85 miles per hour, making it the highest in the nation. I blogged about this new road when it opened and predicted that there would be more injuries. As a result, a problem that might not have been that serious became every traveler’s nightmare.

Eight of the family members were ejected from the vehicle because, although there was a child seat set within, no one was wearing a seat belt. People were “scattered everywhere,” and two sisters, 31 and 27, died at the scene. One had been a medical assistant and was a mother of four children, while the other had dreamed of opening her own bakery. What a tragedy.

Nine people were taken to local hospitals via helicopter, including five children ranging in age from two to 12. Four children and two adults remain in the hospital, recovering from their injuries.

The situation not only underscores the serious problem this state has with promoting safe driving, but also the dangers that come from individuals who fail to take the responsibilities of driving seriously. If the state did not condone areas that permitted speeds of 85 miles per hour (and likely higher), accidents like this would happen much less frequently.

At the same time, the family regrettably increased their risk by putting so many people into one vehicle, more than could safely be held. Drivers need to remember that they not only have a duty of reasonable care to other drivers on the road, but also to their own passengers. Passengers, for their part, should be aware of possible dangers of riding in vehicles while unsecured. It may be easy to think that these safety issues can be overlooked, but unfortunately it may take a tragedy to show why following safety rules is necessary.

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