All DWI Offenders May Have to Have Ignition Interlock Devices

House Bill 1110 would require all convicted DWI offenders — even first timers – to install ignition interlock devices in their car. Even first time convicted offenders would have to blow on the device to calculate their blood alcohol content.

If it’s under the legal limit of 0.08, the car engine would start.

Now, only repeat offenders or drivers with a 0.15 BAC level have to have the devices installed.

Arizona’s reduced its rate by 46 percent by requiring this, and it is shocking that this is not already the law here.

Of course, the offender can have someone else blow into the machine, or find another car to drive. But it would have a deterrant effect and we must crack down on all of the drunks out there on the roads.

MADD is one of my favorite causes, and it strongly supports this bill.

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