DWI Arrest Gets TCU Baseball Player Booted From Team

Too Many College and Pro Athletes Getting Drunk

Redshirt outfielder Conner Beck played on TCU’s outstanding team last season, helping the Horned Frogs again reach the College World Series.

But at 5:00 a.m. on Sunday, Beck’s world came crashing down when he chose to get drunk and drive. Fort Worth police pulled the athlete over on Park Hill Drive, a few blocks away from campus, and charged him not only with DWI, but with resisting arrest and carrying and unlawful weapon. He blew over a .15 percent blood alcohol concentration — about two times over the legal limit. This is a class A misdemeanor that could land him up to one year in jail and up to $4000 fine.

Beck was suspended from the baseball program. A college athlete with everything going for him has let his team and school down and impaired his future. I’m glad no one was injured.

Living and officing in the TCU area since 1980 and being a personal injury attorney representing people injured by drunk drivers, this is a story that piqued my interest.


TCU Football Team Went Downhill After 2012 DWI Arrest of Quarterback 

This is reminescent of when TCU’s star quarterback Casey Pachall got himself arrested for DWI and was suspended for the season. He withdrew from TCU to enroll in a drug and alcohol treatment program, the team spiraled downward, and Pachall never regained his old form.

Drinking and Driving Do Real Damage

I commend TCU for taking action when its athletes drive while intoxicated. Forfeiting the opportunity to play the sport they love is a wake up call that might save a life down the road, including the life of the athlete himself.

Also, teens who look up to these players can see the real damage to a thriving sports career and the disappointment in teammates and fans.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), automobile collisions are the leading cause of teen death and one-fourth of fatal wrecks involved an underage driver who was drinking.

Unfortunately, many teens believe these stats apply to someone else. Seeing their favorite athletes bear the consequences of a DWI arrest drives home the seriousness of their actions.

Walk Like MADD On October 24th In Fort Worth

Stories like this one is why my law firm is again sponsoring the Fort Worth Walk Like MADD next month. We need to raise awareness of the dangers of drunk driving, especially with our young people. They need to know that 1,337 people died in drunk driving accidents just in  2013 in Texas. — many of them teenagers or those under the age of 25. We have to stop the culture of drinking and driving – on and off the playing fields. We need for our athletes to be better role models for our children. Please join us and walk like MADD!

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