Fort Worth man critically injured in wreck near Post, Texas

A Snyder, Texas man was killed Tuesday and three others including a Fort Worth resident were critically injured while they were trying to help a stranded motorist outside of Post, Texas, a small town about 40 miles southeast of Lubbock.

The men were standing on an icy highway when they were struck by a tractor-trailer, police said.

Donald Medley, 46, of Snyder was pronounced dead at the scene. Cecilio Gonzales, 44, of Fort Worth and Kevin Trauger, 34, of Lubbock, were in critical condition at University Medical Center in Lubbock.

The crash was reported about 8:15 a.m. on U.S. 84 north of Post.

Initially, the Garza County Sheriff’s Office had been notified that an 18-wheeler had jackknifed on the icy highway. While they were investigating the jacknifed tractor-trailer, deputies watched a box truck skid off the highway and into the center median.

The four men walked over to assist the driver of the box truck. Another 18-wheeler on the road saw the wreck and hit the brakes. Due to the icy roads, he skidded and hit the four men.

The driver of the box truck, Dale Kocher, 50, of Abilene was also taken to the Lubbock hospital.

DPS Sgt. Bryan Witt responded to questions and told reports, “During inclement weather, state law requires that motorists drive slower. There were icy conditions on the highway at the time of the accident.”

DPS troopers identified the driver of the 18-wheeler that crashed into the men as Arnold Ukawilu, 34, of Dallas. Charges are expected to be filed, but arrests had been made Wednesday morning.

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