Recorded Statements — Why You Need an Attorney

When someone causes you to get into a collision, giving a statement to an insurance company — even your own — can be costly. Why? The company will be trying to use your answers to minimize payments to you for your damages or deny your case outright.

Yesterday I represented my client during a telephonic statement — only because he was seriously injured in a six car pile-up on I30 near the Mixmaster. I explained the process and practiced with this nice man. He did an excellent job and the adjuster from State Farm was able to determine which drivers were at fault. My client can have his knee surgery and other medical attention that was initially denied to him.

Today, a client hired hired me who had already given a statement to an unscrupulous company which twisted her words in an effort to deny liability. The badly injured woman was using a completely hands free phone device that in no way altered her ability to drive her vehicle. Instead, the Liberty Mutual adjuster concluded that she was on her phone and was somehow negligent — even though she was rear ended at a complete stop by a large truck. on I35. This deceit is outrageous.

Last week, my client was told that he had to give a lengthy in person statement in my office. He works during the day in Burleson and could not miss time from his job to drive here; even if he could, I did not want him to be harassed. I prevented the statement from taking place by speaking to the adjuster and answering his questions. The company (GEICO) has now accepted liability and will pay my client in full for his medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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