Arlington Man Rams SUV And Kills One, Then Fires Gun at Bystander, Killing Him

This story is just too hard to believe.

In Arlington at 1:40 yesterday afternoon, a 27 year old man, Thomas Harper, crashed his Tahoe into two cars on North Collins.

Harper then rear-ended a truck so hard he tragically killed the driver, Najee Nasir, who was 42 years old.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Harper then peeled out and fled the scene at a speed estimated at 100 miles per hour. with his twin toddlers in the back seat.

Witnesses chased the Tahoe to get a license plate.

Harper then rammed his SUV into the rear of a Dodge pickup stopped at the intersection of Collins and Brown Boulevard so hard that he killed its driver too.

Witnesses rushed to the Tahoe to render aid and found Harper “ranting and raving, half laughing.”

Harper started firing a gun out of his window and shot and killed Clarence “C.J.” Robinson, 19, of Arlington, who was on his way to work at the nearby Potbelly’s Restaurant. He did not own a car.

An eyewitness heard Harper say as he was being pulled out of his Tahoe by Arlington police that “I’ll shoot somebody again.”

Harper was obviously high.

He is being held in the Arlington jail on charges on murder and intoxication manslaughter. Bail is set at $550,000.00.

And just four days earlier, Robinson’s older brother died the same way — with a gunshot wound to the head — in a New Orleans-area shooting.

Robinson had left New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina with his siblings and was trying to make money to help out his sister and his nephew.

As I often have to ask, what is going on out there?

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