As We Walked Like MADD, a Drunk Driver Killed a Little Girl

Arlington Fatal DWI During Fort Worth Walk Like MADD 

Berenson Injury Law was again proud to sponsor the Fort Worth Walk Like MADD Saturday. I was honored to speak to the audience gathered along the Trinity River before we began walking at 9:00 o’clock.

Today we honor those who have been killed or injured by drunk driving. Today we rally to inspire people to help us turn your pain into purpose. A day goes by when we don’t hear about another tragedy on our highways.

None of us knew the next heartbreaking collision, that a child was about to be killed by a drunk driver down the road.

At 9:30, a 25-year-old woman crashed into a telephone pole in Arlington so hard that it snapped in half and fell onto the car, injuring all seven occupants, including four children between three and nine years old.

A five year-old little girl was tragically pronounced dead before we finished the Walk Like MADD

The Arlington police DWI unit who responded to the horrific accident had just been at the Fort Worth event.

Valencia Freeman was charged with intoxication manslaughter, assault, invalid driver’s license, invalid auto insurance and failure to properly secure her children in car seats.

Police suspect Freeman was intoxicated when she sped down South Collins Street near the Arlington Municipal Airport  with three adults and four children in her Mercury Grand Marquis.

As I said on Saturday morning: “We must stop the madness. We must pray for the day when we won’t need to have any more walks like this one — because there are no more drunk driving victims.”

I look forward to the day when my law office doesn’t have another DWI case because they don’t ever happen.

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