How To Avoid Getting Into A Car Wreck This Summer

Our Dallas-Fort Worth highs are hovering up in the 90s and will be in the 100s before you know it. The hotter it gets, the more dangerous our roads become.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, August was the deadliest month in 2013 with 3,136 traffic fatalities. Death rates also spiked during the three summer holidays — 334 during Memorial Day weekend, 461 over July 4th, and 371 during Labor Day holiday. And it comes as no surprise that about 40 percent of these traffic deaths involved alcohol.

Staying cool headed as you drive is more important than ever this time of year to avoid these common causes of car and truck accidents.


Sadly, 2,543 teenagers died in automobile crashes in 2013, with the highest rate occurring in August. Teens are out of school for the summer and enjoying their new found freedom behind the wheel of an automobile or truck. Teen drivers are inexperienced and tend to take more risks, like texting while driving and speeding, making them the least safe driving demographic. Watch out!


Young kids are also on break from school and more likely to be out and about.Drive carefully while travelling through suburban neighborhoods where children may be biking, skating or playing in the road. Also, be extra diligent in store parking lots where a child might dart from between cars when a parent turns a moment’s eye away.

Drunk Drivers

Alcohol is a factor in close to one-third of all traffic crash deaths. The rate of crashes involving drunk drivers increases to nearly 40 percent during the main holiday periods.

Although teens are less likely than adults to drive drunk, their risk of crashing while under the influence of alcohol substantially increases. This is a frightening combination when you consider more teens are driving and typically have fewer responsibilities during the summer.

Tire Blowouts and Engine Failures

Although car maintenance is important year-round, summertime maintenance is especially crucial to your safety. The extreme heat of Texas causes air in tires to expand, putting worn tires at risk of blowout. In addition, your car is more likely to overheat and malfunction, leaving you stranded on a busy highway or a poorly lit rural road.


Sun glare presents a serious hidden danger that can make dawn and dusk particularly hazardous on the roadway. While blinded by the sun, you may not see a disabled car stalled in your lane or a pedestrian crossing outside of a crosswalk. Even seeing stop signs and traffic lights can be difficult. Remember, a person looking away from the sun might not realize you do not see her.

More Drivers

Low gas prices has one downside. AAA reports that more than half of all drivers planned a summer road trip this year. More travelers means more cars and trucks out there and many tourists are unfamiliar with North Texas roadways, adding risks of collisions.

Please be extra careful as you drive around North Texas in the coming weeks.

Berenson Injury Law Can Help You Recover

If you are unfortunately injured in a car wreck this summer, you can count on my Dallas-Fort Worth law firm. Schedule your free consultation to learn more about your rights and options.

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