Azle Accident Kills Woman

A car wreck in Azle sadly claimed the life of Cherie Howard, 60, who was driving in her 2003 Cadillac when she collided with a 2006 Lincoln Navigator traveling eastbound on Knob Hill Road (FM 2257). My thoughts and prayers go out to the Howard family.

This story reminds me of a case I am working on because it happened nearby in Azle almost exactly three months ago when Mr. L’s classic El Camino struck a flatbed truck head-on at an uncontrolled intersection. The other driver’s insurance company denied liability and Mr. L hired me to help him.

My staff and I immediately investigated the scene and the two vehicles, obtained eyewitness statements, interviewed the police officers, hired an accident reconstruction expert, and argued with the adjuster. Just as I was about to file a lawsuit, this company changed its mind, accepted 100% responsibility, and began making payments to Mr. L.

My client was certainly glad since he was severely injured, had no vehicle, and could not work. His head had gone through the windshield and he had now huge scars across his face, in addition to fractures and other serious injuries.

We worked hard so that Mr. L could quickly get a rental car, a new vehicle (for more money than he expected to receive), medical treatment, insurance benefits, and money to live on. He has seen a plastic surgeon and, depending future surgery and his recovery from his injuries, I may still have to sue to make sure my client receives the money he deserves.

This newspaper article provides more information:
2012-1-26-azle 9 mi wreck News article.pdf

If you or a member of your family or a friend should unfortunately be injured in a Dallas Fort Worth car or truck accident, please call me to find out how I can provide fast and effective legal representation.

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