Berenson Injury Law Supports Food Bank

Bill Berenson donated 2,500 meals yesterday to the Tarrant Area Food Bank to help support its largest-ever distribution.

TAFB served 1,500 families which had lined up at Dickies Arena. Members of the Texas Air National Guard loaded dairy products, meat, and dried food into each vehicle.

And as if that were not great enough, TAFB was also providing food at four other locations around Fort Worth.

TAFB is holding an even larger event next Wednesday from 8:00 to noon at the new Texas Rangers stadium in Arlington.

This is the fourth time this year that Mr. Berenson has contributed to a local food bank.

The horrible pandemic has wrecked a lot of family budgets. So more and more people are having to rely on food banks like TAFB to feed their families.

TAFB provides an amazing variety of services including mobile pantries, community gardens, nutrition education, cook training, social services, and delivery of food to those who are disabled or lack transportation. It serves Tarrant County and 12 others in North Texas.

TAFB is headquartered down the street from our offices on University Drive. And it started in 1982 – the same year our firm did.

It is unjust that we live in the richest country in the history of the world, in a state that is incredibly wealthy, but that there are so many people that cannot even afford to eat. And now millions of people have lost their job or had their hours reduced.

A multitude of breadwinners now face difficult decisions on how to provide food for their families. Hunger affects people all over our country.

Even before the pandemic, one out of six people in North Texas faced food insecurity and did not know where their next meal was coming from.

Hunger can affect any one – our families, neighbors, friends, and fellow residents. But it brutally affects low-wage workers and those who are unemployed or underemployed, senior citizens and the injured.

God bless the angels at our food banks for all that they do.

If you need help finding food to eat, please call TAFB at 817-534-0814.

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