Berenson Law Settles Serious Motorcycle Crash Case

Another Reminder Why Riders Should Wear Safety Gear

Motorcyclists may sometimes feel like the conditions are right to ride without wearing a helmet and proper gear.  You may feel safe on a sunny day taking a short ride up the road. 

Don’t take the chance.

Even if you following all of the traffic laws, you can still be the victim of a driver’s careless actions. My client experienced this firsthand early this year. Thank goodness he was wearing his helmet and protective clothing when a car slammed into his bike at a red light.

My client was at a complete stop on his 2013 Harley-Davidson on a Loop 820 service road. Behind him, a 24 year-old driver had been texting and speeding. That driver crashed into my client, sending him hurling into the air and into the rear of the SUV in front of him and onto the concrete pavement.

The weight of his heavy motorcycle and the fall crushed his body. He broke his leg and suffered a fractured foot and torn ACL that required surgery and  extensive rehabilitation. He lost consciousness, his head and face required multiple sutures, and his mental abilities have been diminished. 

Berenson Injury Law succeeded in settling his case with trial looming for a substantial amount which will compensate my client for his damages. They include medical bills, loss of wages, diminished future earning capacity, disfigurement, disability, and pain and suffering. We also slashed his outstanding hospital and medical bills.

With such severe injuries despite wearing safety gear, I believe the accident could have been fatal had my client chosen to skip the gear for this one ride.

Texas Motorcyclists’ Top Reasons for Wearing — or Not Wearing — Gear

A recent study conducted by Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Motorcycle Safety Coalition and Texas A&M Transportation Institute analyzed the reasons motorcyclists choose to wear safety gear and why they decline to take this basic precaution.

The top three motivators for wearing protective gear were:

  1. To provide protection 
  2. As a habit
  3. Because of the weather 

The top three reasons for failing to wear the gear were:

  1. Because of the weather
  2. Loss of positive feelings that accompany riding
  3. Not important on some rides

Of course a motorcycle helmet is crucially important. According to the Texas Center for Transportation Safety, 52 percent of riders who were killed were not wearing a helmet. But motorcyclists should also wear other safety gear, including goggles, boots, gloves and abrasion-resistant full-coverage pants and jacket. Too many riders don’t do this.

Taking this simple step could save your life. As you know, you face real dangers of distracted, speeding and drunk drivers even if you are a careful rider. 

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