Berenson Injury Law Settles Case Against Dallas Tire Store

Tire Flies Off Truck At Highway Speed

I am pleased that I was just obtained a large settlement for my clients who survived a horrific crash when a wheel of their truck flew off their truck. I settled the case a week before we were ready to take the case to trial. The amount is confidential.

My clients sent me this kind email:

“We really appreciate the great work you all have provided us with & would definitely recommend you! Again, we really appreciate it!”

Detached Tires Caused Frightening Fort Worth Truck Crash

The crash occurred last year on Interstate 30 in Fort Worth. My clients had driven to Dallas to purchase four new tires which were on sale. Mr. S____, his wife, and two children were  driving back home at about 65 mph when he noticed the vehicle becoming shaky and unstable. He attempted to pull to the shoulder.

Suddenly, his left rear wheel fell off the truck. Unable to control the vehicle, he crashed into the concrete bridge support by Ridgmar Mall The wheel bounced across Interstate 30 and hit another automobile.

The violent, unexpected impact threw the family back and forth inside the vehicle. They were fortunate not to hit another truck or vehicle. However, the frightening crash caused serious injuries, including broken bones and other injuries. The family had to rushed to the hospital and were then treated by doctors and physical therapists. Mr. S____’s lost wages were significant.

Tire Store 100% Negligent for Auto Accident

Our firm’s investigation revealed that the tire store employees failed to properly tighten the lug nuts to secure the wheels to the vehicle. In fact, the lug nuts on all four wheels were loose and in danger of falling off.

Our meticulous preparations gave us an edge during settlement negotiations. I am thankful my clients are recovering from their injuries and will be made whole from the settlement.

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