Berenson Injury Law Supports North Texas Giving Day

Berenson Injury Law proudly donated to three of its favorite non-profit organizations today. Their budgets have unfortunately been slashed due to the pandemic.

Humane Society of North Texas

This wonderful organization has been a great place for North Texas residents to go to adopt dogs, cats, horses, and other animals. Just in the first three months this year, it arranged over 3,200 adoptions and investigated 200 acts of animal cruelty. That’s remarkable.

The Humane Society also provides low-cost operations to neuter and spay pets and provides other services.

It has made a huge number of local residents — including the Berenson family – extremely happy since 1905. Keep up the good work!

Tarrant Area Food Bank

This essential group enables local residents who are food-insecure to get free groceries. The Food Bank is a clearinghouse for hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh and frozen foods that are donated by grocery stores, companies, and the community.

The pandemic has caused the demand for donated food to quadruple at the same time that funding has shrunk. This is a serious problem that especially takes a toll on low-wage workers, large families, the injured, and the elderly. Our law firm frequently donates to the Food Bank and other food providers like Meals on Wheels.

Cowtown Marathon

The Cowtown was voted the best marathon in the United States this year, beating the legendary Boston Marathon.

If this organization just staged its ambitious series of races (an ultramarathon, marathon, 10K and two 5Ks — one just for children, the largest of its kind in the U.S.) every year, it would be impressive. But it does much more to make our community a more vibrant place.

The profit from its race weekend funds the award-winning Children’s Activities for Life & Fitness (C.A.L.F.) program that accomplishes these worthy goals:

  • pays the registration fees for over 5,000 children to enter the children’s race;
  • distributes over 5,000 pairs of new running shoes and socks to students;
  • goes to 400 schools in our area to teach children about the fitness and healthy nutrition;
  • works with their physical education teachers to help train them to run or walk the 5K; and
  • sponsors running camps in the summer.

Mr. Berenson served on the C.A.L.F. Council for 10 years, volunteers at the race expo, and was a coach in the marathon training program. The marathon was his first one at age 40 and he ran it again in March at age 65 (with 56 others in between). He wants everyone to experience the joy of running and benefit of good health.

These three groups support each other, making Fort Worth and North Texas an even better place to live.

Please consider donating to your favorite organization.

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