Meeting Clients Again Was Wonderful

I was delighted that my wife and I could meet my dear clients on Saturday for dinner. They had been driving around the country and very graciously came here to see me before returning to their Florida home.

In 2006, Mary sustained very serious injuries to her left shoulder and arm when a 18 wheel gasoline tanker – fortunately empty – crashed into their car while they were stopped in traffic on I-35 south of Fort Worth. John injured his back, but fortunately his injuries resolved.

I immediately launched an investigation, filed suit, obtained a restraining order to prevent the trucking company from moving its tractor-trailer or altering or removing evidence, then fought a large Dallas law firm in court for two years. I flew to several states to take depositions of key witnesses, including Mary’s excellent orthopedic surgeon at the University of Michigan, and attended the mediation of another injured driver in Houston.

I was able to make the insurance companies for the trucking company pay them $6 million at an all day mediation in Dallas.

To learn more information about their case, click here.

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