$750,000 Recovered In Difficult Commercial Vehicle Case

Berenson Injury Law is pleased to announce that it has obtained a recovery of $750,000.

Our client crashed into a large tractor-trailer in a Fort Worth intersection. But the police report and several witnesses blamed him for his speeding and improper lookout. There were other problems that made the chance of receiving compensation poor.

Our team sprung into action. We went with our accident investigation expert to the scene, took photographs, and measured skid marks. We set up an inspection of both vehicles, downloaded black boxes, and tried to find witnesses to rebut the negative liability facts.

Our client and his daughter were seriously injured and underwent multiple surgeries. We closely worked with their medical providers, built strong damage cases, made sure that their health insurance company paid their medical bills (some refuse to do this in car accidents), and gave them insurance benefits they didn’t know were available.

I convinced the attorneys for the trucking company to pay this amount after mediation. I slashed our client’s huge hospital bill to almost zero and reduced his daughter’s health insurance reimbursement claim. Then I reduced my fee and expenses to give more money to my clients. They were thrilled to net $440,000.00.

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