Big settlement for 18-wheeler crash victim

I just had the pleasure of meeting with one of my clients to deliver his settlement check after settling his case against an 18-wheeler driver who rear ended him. I fought to get him a huge settlement and he was obviously very pleased with the results. The amount of the settlement is confidential at the request of the company’s attorneys.

This is a picture of my client being treated by paramedics at the scene.

My client was at a complete stop in heavy traffic on North Freeway when out of nowhere, a huge tractor-trailer smashed into the back of his small car. He had to be rushed to the emergency room by ambulance and performed physical therapy for about a month after his wreck.

Fortunately, he did not sustain any major threatening injuries, but I was still able to make the insurance company pay him a lot of money. I threatened to file a lawsuit after their insulting first offer and made them increase their offer substantially.

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