Affluenza Teen’s Antics Discussed With Media

Interviews with AP, Dallas Morning News, NBCDFW, and Others

Ethan Couch and his mother remain as fixtures on front pages and news casts all over the world.

Tonya Couch was released from jail yesterday with onerous restrictions, including having to wear a GPS tracking device, after reducing her whopping $1 million bond. Her son remains locked up in a Mexican detention center fighting extradition. 

I am especially interested in this case as I represented the family of a catastrophically injured passenger in Couch’s truck in the first lawsuit filed against the family and its business.. 

During the past few months, I have been asked to speak to the news media about this highly controversial case.

In an Associated Press interview published by newspapers world-wide, I expressed my disgust with the refusal of the “affluenza teen” to return to Fort Worth to be punished: “Couch continues to make a mockery of the system.”

The Dallas Morning News interviewed me for its front page article, headlined “Couch’s mom had sold Tarrant home; Teen is expected to serve 4 months at most,” where I proposed a fix to this farce: “Jail is a well-known cure for affluenza.” 

I told 5NBCDFW: “(My former client’s family) is furious. Couch paralyzed their son, got away with four murders. He must be caught and punished.”

I was interviewed by D Magazine in for its cover story, “The Worst Parents Ever,” where I explained the misery the affluenza teen caused my client:

Sergio was a soccer player before he met Ethan Couch … now his mother and brother will have to take care of him for the rest of his life.

The events of the past month have proven D Magazine correct.

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