Berenson Injury Law Sponsoring Fort Worth’s Walk Like MADD


My law firm is proud to be the Presenting Sponsor of the Fort Worth Walk Like MADD on November 1. My firm sponsors the walks in Fort Worth and Dallas each year. Participating in the events is an indescribably moving experience. People of all ages, nationalities, races and backgrounds join together to pay tribute to those who have died in drunk driving wrecks and to those whose lives have been forever changed.

What Drunk Driving Crashes Do To Our Community

During the past three decades representng victims and their families, I’ve seen first-hand the incredible devastation and heartbreak caused by drunk driving accidents.

Most recently I saw the tragedy inflicted on four wonderful people who were killed, the paralysis meted out to a fine young man whom I represented in the lawsuit against the drunk driver and the company that owned the truck the teen was driving, and the physical and emotional pain suffered by several other teens injured in the nightmarish “affluenza” case. This devastation never should have happened. We must work vigilently to stop it from becoming almost routine on our streets and highways in Texas.

I am honored that I have been asked to speak to victims’ families and event participants. I hope that words do not fail me. I remain hopeful that we can put an end to these fully preventable tragedies through tougher DWI laws and increased awareness, especially with our teens. I raised my daughter, who is now 23, to never even consider drinking after she had had any alcohol, and she has willingly complied with my request. None should be permitted to drink alcohol or use drugs and drive.

Please join me at Ridgmar Mall. Let me know you registered for the event and I will make a donation to MADD double the registration fee amount.

About Walk Like MADD

Walk Like MADD is a national event in which tens of thousands of people participate in organized walks in more than 60 cities throughout the country. This signature event has raised almost $3 million that allows MADD to offer free community programs and services. In addition to raising money, the walks help raise awareness about the tragic consequences of drunk driving.

About MADD

Most people have heard of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, but some may not be aware of the vital work the organization does in our communities. MADD’s mission is “to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking.” The organization fulfills its mission by providing essential services to victims, advocating for stricter DWI laws, and presenting compelling public awareness campaigns.

Please let me know that you registered for the Walk Like MADD event by sending an email to Bill Berenson or calling my office at 817-885-8000 or toll-free at 1-888-801-8585.

I hope to see you there.

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