Boston Marathon Thoughts

Like all of you, I have been shaken by what happened yesterday. I had considered running there this year, and my wife and possibly my daughter would have probably been waiting for me at the finish line. Last time I stayed at a hotel very close to where the second bomb went off. I have a favorite picture from that race where I was running just a few feet from where the first bomb exploded. Fortunately I decided to run a different one instead this weekend. Like they say, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Rather than blog about the horror of what happened, I remembered that I’d written about my last Boston Marathon trip and thought I’d share that happy report with you here.

I will run at Boston next year. I’m proud that I’ve qualified four times already (and by large enough margins to guarantee my entry, since the demand for the coveted spots will be at an all time high). There is an important point at stake: these terrorists cannot stop us from going about our daily lives here in America. We cannot be attacked just for standing on the streets. This is not Afghanistan. I hope they find whoever is responsible for this horrific act of violence and exact the maximum punishment our laws provide. Apologies for the rant.

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