Two Dead As a Result of Two Fort Worth Accidents On Sunday

Sunday was a deadly day for driving in the Fort Worth area, as two separate accidents both resulted in fatalities.

One car accident occurred on Sunday afternoon in the 2200 block of East Look 820. The driver of a Dodge pickup truck headed north attempted to change lanes, and in the process struck a Chevy Impala. The impact caused the Dodge driver to lose control, which caused the pickup to veer over a guardrail. The pickup truck ended up in the lanes headed south, where it got in a collision with a 18-wheeler tractor trailer. The driver was then taken to a local Fort Worth hospital in critical condition, where he died of his injuries. A four-year-old passenger in the pickup truck was taken to Cook Children’s Hospital by ambulance in serious condition. The drivers of the Impala and the tractor trailer also went to a local hospital by way of ground ambulance. Some time after, the southbound side of Loop 820 remained closed, while the northbound side was open.

In another accident that afternoon, Fort Worth police responded to a report that two vehicles had collided in the 1200 block of Northeast 28th Street between North Main Street and Interstate 35 West. The details of the collision are not known at this time, but one of the individuals involved died as a result of injuries. The other individuals, though injured, were expected to survive.

Situations like these just demonstrate that unfortunately, accidents are not limited to heavy commute times, or to late at night. That is why every driver needs to use the utmost care when operating the vehicle. During the summer months, that may be more difficult, for reasons mentioned in recent posts about July 4. The summer is a time of long days and backyard barbeques, where people might spend hours drinking and not be aware. Meanwhile, the summer heat works to dehydrate them or make them drowsy and less attentive to the road around them.

However, just because these situations may be more common in the summer does not excuse the drivers involved. Drivers have a duty to their passengers and to other vehicles on the road to drive with reasonable care. If they breach that duty by driving while intoxicated, or by driving inattentively, such as texting, and an injury accident results, those injured by the accident are well within their rights to file a lawsuit against that driver. In the case of the Sunday accidents, it is unknown whether intoxication played any role. That said, it is a warning to all other drivers that they can never stop focusing on the road, not even on a Sunday.

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