Dallas Car Wrecks Into House, Killing Passenger

One person was killed when his intoxicated driver crashed into the garage of a house on Carissa Drive in Dallas early Sunday morning. The driver was taken to Baylor Hospital in serious condition and charged with criminally negligent homicide.

A witness told Dallas police that the driver was speeding on Jupiter Road when he ran a red light, drove off the road, crashed through a fence, and rammedinto the wall of the garage.

19-year-old Humberto Najera was unfortunately thrown from the car and died at the scene. The other passenger was injured but able to run away. Police caught him nearby. He admitted that the three had been drinking beer before the accident.

The Lord must have been watching out for the mother and her four children sleeping inside their house (and their two dogs outside), as they were not harmed.

I have noticed a sharp increase in calls from people who have been injured in late night crashes. Wrecks occurring between midnight and 4:00 a,m. often involve drunk or drugged drivers and high speeds.

Just last week, I was hired by a poor woman who was nearly killed when her drunk boyfriend drove off the road and into a tree. My client has required multiple surgeries to repair her broken legs. Her medical bills are over $200,000.00 — already. She is still at a rehab hospital and can’t walk. I will work to achieve a huge settlement or jury verdict for my client, then do everything I can to reduce the hospital and insurance company’s subrogation (reimbursement) lien.

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