Thank You To My Wonderful Clients!

I have been truly blessed by the Lord with some of the nicest clients in the world. Thank you all for the honor and privilege of representing you.

Yesterday and today, I had the pleasure of meeting with another two of my great clients, giving them sizeable checks, and concluding their legal battles against the insurance companies and their attorneys that had tried to deny them from receiving any money. One man was hit as he was on his motorcycle in Fort Worth and another woman’s car was crashed into in Arlington. I fought hard to make sure they received favorable recoveries for their injuries.

I wanted to share their comments about how pleased they were. As you can see, they were delighted with their cash recoveries and my legal services.

I am proud that 100% of my clients have written that they are “very pleased” with their financial recoveries and the way they were treated and that all would recommend me to a family member or friend.

Over 100 happy clients have filled out comment forms and they can be seen here

I believe that positive recommendations are the best way to hire someone, don’t you?

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