Career Day at Adopted School Meaningful

I spent Friday morning speaking to five classes at Rufino Mendoza Sr. Elementary School, which I adopted 11 years ago. It’s always one of my favorite days there.

I always begin by getting the third through fifth graders to select a career from a list that sounds interesting: doctor? lawyer? teacher? artist? We talked about what each person does and why the child might want to work in that field. I stressed that any career requires good grades and many years of education but that it would be worth it.

I told the youngsters that they will have to graduate from high school and then college (and perhaps graduate school. I made them promise that they will. It’s an important pledge.

The kids always get excited to see my college diploma and I assured them that they can obtain a diploma too and that anything is possible if they work hard.

I asked them to give their worksheet to their parents and talk to them about their choices and to get advice from them. It’s never too early for them to start thinking about their futures.

In a humorous moment, one boy asked me if my career was being a runner (I sometimes mentor children in the after-school running club). I was flattered but explained how attorneys help people resolve their legal problems.

I ‘m always urging the students to study hard, be the best they can be, and to dream big. We must motivate and inspire our children. I hope that i have made a difference in at least one child’s life over the years.

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