Distracted Driving Injuries Will Increase With Huge New Screens

Just what we need: oversized touchscreen computer screens in our vehicles, which will lead to new traffic violations like DWFB (Driving While Face Booking).

These screens are a serious distraction for drivers and will lead to more deaths and injuries on our Texas roads. After all, distracted drivers are already responsible for more than 50% of all traffic collisions in our country, with texting – which studies have shown is

comparable to driving while intoxicated – making up the majority of these distractions.

I am handling many more distracted driving cases. If you have been in a collision, please contact my office and we will investigate whether the other driver was negligent and get you the money you deserve.Many of the people I represent have been injured because the other drivers were texting or talking on phone. I have been successful in obtaining call and text logs from phone carriers to prove that defendants were texting on several cases. All of that information can be admitted into evidence to prove negligence and make extra money for my clients.

If you have been injured because of a distracted driver, call my office at 817-885-8000 to discuss your case and learn how I can help you.

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