Collision check list – what to do next

Here are some simple rules to help you understand what to do immediately after and in the days following an wreck:

At the accident scene, you should:

Remain calm, and if you need help call a family member or friend.
If possible, stop in a safe place out of traffic.
Call the police.
Get the other driver’s name, address, and telephone number, vehicle registration number and insurance information.
Get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses.
If you believe the other driver is drunk or using drugs, tell the police.
If you believe the other driver was using a cell phone, tell the police.
Ask the police officer for the police report number and where and when a copy will be available.
Seek prompt medical attention if needed.
Take photographs of the vehicles, scene and tire marks, if possible.

In the days following a Fort Worth area accident:

Contact your insurance company. Get a copy of your insurance declarations page and policy so that you will know what coverage you have.
Get your claim number and the name and address of the adjuster.
Do not speak or give recorded statements to the insurance company for the other driver. Instead, tell the insurance company representative to call your Personal Injury Attorney.
Do not sign releases for medical records until you have consulted with a Personal Injury Attorney. Texas law limits the amount of medical information that you have to provide, and a personal injury attorney can made sure that your medical information remains confidential.
Have someone take photos of the cars and any skid marks on the road before they fade.
Keep a list of the names, addresses, and phone numbers where you have received medical treatment.
Keep copies of all of your medical bills.
Hire a board certified Personal Injury attorney.

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