Commercial Vehicle Safety Database Now Active

After multiply delays, CSA (formerly CSA 2010 [which originally stood for Comprehensive Safety Analysis but was changed on Nov 30th to Compliance Safety and Accountability and the 2010 was dropped]) is now live at This will have a significant impact on litigation involving trucks, buses, and other commercial motor vehicles.

The FMCSA caved to industry pressure, so there is now a warning that indicates the data is not a safety fitness determination or a safety rating. The warning pops up when you log into the SaferSys site.

As a member of the Americans Association for Justice’s Interstate Trucking Litigation Group as well as the board of directors of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, I am glad this information is available to help people like you who unfortunately might be seriously injured in a tractor trailer crash.

I have been successful fighting trucking companies over the last 30 plus years. I am currently various clients who have been injured by 18 wheelers and other commercial vehicles. My accident reconstructionist is in Waco now investigating the scene and all vehicles and performing a representing a young women who was seriously injured when she was hit by a tractor trailer driver who was speeding at least 10 miles an hour over the speed limit.

If you are involved in an 18 wheeler accident please contact my office immediately so that I can fight to get you everything you deserve.

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