Cowtown Marathon’s C.A.L.F. Run And Cook-Off Were Moovelous!

I was again proud to sponsor the C.A.L.F. Program’s 5K and healthy foods cook-off on Saturday. It was rated the best kids running event in the United States a few years ago. And this year a 15K (9.3 mile) run was nicely added for those people training for marathons and half marathons.

As an avid runner (I ran 26.2 miles in Boulder, Colorado last Sunday) and nutrition advocate, we must teach our children to lead robust and healthy lives. Unfortunately too many people have become too inactive and have gained too much weight.

A highlight of the morning was talking to our terrific mayor Betsy Price, who ran the 5K race and is a huge fitness proponent.

Another was helping accept the whopping check in the amount of $200,000.00 that was generously presented to C.A.L.F. by the marathon.

School children from more than 85 schools and community centers came to the Will Rogers Coliseum area and everyone had a good time. Hearing the cheers as the fastest runners and the best high school chefs were announced is always fun.

Rufino Mendoza School Children Get To Participate

Congratulations to the students who participated in the 5K. The children are able to run this and other races each year. Some are only eight years old and it is remarkable they can cover that distance.

I go to the school to mentor and encourage them as they run, walk, and get physical exercise. I believe that attorneys have a duty to give back to their community.

The C. A.L.F. Program

C.A.L.F.(Children’s Activities for Life & Fitness) encourages our kids to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The program awards more than 5,000 grants to North Texas children. They get new running shoes and have their race fees to Cowtown’s races paid. What a wonderful investment in our community.

Exciting running events like this create a positive environment for our kids to excel in their school work. They learn that exercising and making healthy nutrition choices are rewarding, even life changing.

Cowtown has been encouraging our school children to run for many years. I have been on the C.A.L.F. Council since the program’s inception in 2009.

I want to extend my congratulations to Heidi Swartz, executive director of The Cowtown Marathon and her staff for again working so hard to put on this worthwhile event.

FitWorth, which is also trying to get adults exercising more and eating more healthy food, was also a sponsor.

After the event, I went to the TCU recreation center and ran that 15K on the treadmill, spurred on by watching my Texas Longhorns beat OU.

On the subject of sports (I’ll skip the Cowboys), go Rangers!

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